Obama's Workout Video Prompts Jokes And Security Concerns

The Internet poked fun at the president after a leaked video of his workout routine went viral, but news outlets are saying the secret service failed.

Obama's Workout Video Prompts Jokes And Security Concerns

While in Poland this week, President Obama took some time out of his busy schedule to hit the gym. (Via The White House

At some point in Obama's series of lunges, bicep curls and shoulder presses, another gym-goer managed to take this cell phone video. (Via Daily Mail

It was wasn't long before the one minute, 25-second clip went viral, and the Internet was amused, to say the least. (Via Gawker, Chicago-Sun Times)

Joking aside, the video does raise a serious question — was there a security breach?

Greta Van Susteren seemed to think so. The Fox News host wrote on her blog: "If you can reach the president with a camera lens like this … you know more sinister things can happen. This is once again, our SECRET SERVICE FAILING US."

MICHELLE KACZYNSKI: "How is this even allowed to happen? The Secret Service is commenting on it and they say they don't clear out the gym. … They don't make people leave. They don't make people put away their cameras. They don't say anything about it" (Via CNN

According to CNN, every guest was screened for weapons before entering the hotel and agents were stationed near the president during his workout. 

‚ÄčThe Hill quotes a Secret Service spokesman who said the agency doesn’t consider the leaked video a security lapse, adding the whole thing was "no different than if the president visited a restaurant off the record and other diners took pictures of him."

Since the Secret Service doesn't seem to be too worked up by the workout video, back to what really matters. How was Obama’s form?

A personal trainer told The Washington Post it was pretty decent. "He could go a little bit lower with his dumbbell presses, but otherwise I’m very impressed with the versatility of his program."

But if he is looking to mix things up, he could always ask Joe Biden for tips. (Via The White House