Paintings On Rocks In National Parks: Art Or Vandalism?

Ten different national parks in the western U.S. have been vandalized by who authorities believe is a woman from New York showcasing her "artwork."

Paintings On Rocks In National Parks: Art Or Vandalism?
Modern Hiker / Instagram / Creepy Tings

An unknown author once said, "The human spirit needs places where nature has not been rearranged by the hand of man.”

And that's similar to the purpose of national parks in the U.S. — conserving mother nature's natural beauty.

But what if nature is "rearranged" by human hands in the name of art? Can it really be called art or is it something closer to vandalism? 

That's a question being asked by media outlets and park enthusiasts around the country after this article by Modern Hiker was published earlier this week. Similar drawings have been found in as many as ten different national parks around the western U.S. 

It's believed the woman behind the drawings is Casey Nocket, but authorities have yet to confirm that. That was discovered after a number of the images were posted to an Instagram account called Creepy Tings — the same name the drawings are signed under. (Video via KTVX)

News of the drawings soon reached social media sites like Reddit, where an investigator in Yosemite National Park asked for more pictures to help with the investigation. 

The National Park Service has also issued a press release calling the drawings "vandalism" and noting the issue is taken very seriously. So far parks in Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon and Utah have all discovered images signed by creepy tings. 

We will note, none of the drawings found contained offensive or discriminatory material. Now, it's not just the vandalism that has created a frenzy but also the so-called artist's lack of remorse for the seriousness of the crimes.

Modern Hiker's Casey Schreiner captured this conversation on the Creepy Tings Instagram before it was made private. One users asks, "Is that paint or chalk?" Believed to be Casey Nocket, replies, "acrylic." The user then post a sad face and Nocket writes back saying, "I know, I'm a bad person." 

KSL-TV: "Holy cow, you know what are you thinking? ... In this day in age with the knowledge we have of the value of our national parks and then to be so stupid that you post it. ... Who in the world does this person think she is?" 

And that sentiment is one shared by many. The number of signatures on this White House petition is increasing by the second. The petition asks "Please don't allow her to receive a slap. Please pursue the most serious of charges for these offenses."

KUTV: ZION NATIONAL PARK INVESTIGATOR:  "At Zion we get about three million visitors a year, so imagine if three million people left their mark." 

"The rocks are the art." 

‚ÄčIf Casey Nocket, who is said to be from the New York area, is found to be behind the vandalism, it is a Federal offense. She could face jail time and some serious fines. 

This video includes an image from Getty Images.