Passengers Stranded On SeaWorld Ride For Hours

Passengers on the Skytower ride at San Diego's SeaWorld were stuck for four hours due to a power outage.

Passengers Stranded On SeaWorld Ride For Hours

"Very nervous ... I'd get to some points where I couldn't look outside." (Via KGTV)

A ride at San Diego's SeaWorld called Skytower was stuck hundreds of feet in the air for four hours Sunday due to a power outage. 

"Witnesses say at least one person was treated for anxiety and others were given oxygen."

SeaWorld released in a statement that the at least 20 guests were never in danger. The cause of the power outage is still under investigation.

"That's a scary feeling to be stuck in, especially somewhere high that's in the sky."

"We were finally able to reverse the polarity and have the motor instead of go up, reverse, and manually bring it down." (Via KFMB)

Skytower has been at the park since 1969. It gives a panoramic view of the park. The fire department does train at SeaWorld every year in case something like this happens. (Via YouTube / Sharp Productions)

"Two employees on board gave guests snacks and water, but passengers told 10News the ordeal soon became agonizing because they had no access to bathrooms."

"And they finally had to pull out a bucket." (Via KGTV)

Guests received refunds and tickets to return to the park, though we aren't sure they'd ride Skytower again.