Penn. Bride Admits To Killing Niece Hours After Wedding

The recently wed woman was reportedly in an argument over who would serve as designated driver when the shooting occurred.

Penn. Bride Admits To Killing Niece Hours After Wedding

A Pennsylvania bride is in jail after she admitted to shooting and killing her niece just hours after getting married Thursday.

Thirty-year-old Christina George-Harvan told police she shot 21-year-old Katelyn Francis. Police say the two women and George-Harvan's new husband were celebrating the wedding at a bar Thursday night. (Via KDKA)

As they were leaving the bar, police say George-Harvan shot Francis after the three got into a fight over who would be the designated driver.

Police also say George-Harvan admitted to being the one who shot the gun, though she told them it was an accident. After the shooting, WPXI reports police put George-Harvan in a robe because they needed her wedding dress for evidence.

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette notes Francis was flown to the hospital shortly after the shooting and died early Friday morning.

Francis was visiting the Pittsburgh area from her hometown in West Virginia. A family friend in the town of Fairview spoke to WDTV about Francis' unexpected death.

"I was in utter shock because it's a tragedy, and to see a 21-year-old girl gone, you know, she leaves behind a little boy. Now, he's never going to know how good his mom was."

Francis was a single mother to her young son. George-Harvan remains in jail — facing charges for homicide, aggravated assault and reckless endangerment.