Pentagon: U.S. Flying Armed Drones Over Baghdad

The Pentagon says armed U.S. drones are now flying over Baghdad to protect U.S. advisers in the city.

Pentagon: U.S. Flying Armed Drones Over Baghdad
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We already knew there were U.S. drones over Baghdad, but now we know there are armed ones. 

PENTAGON SPOKESPERSON REAR ADM. JOHN KIRBY: "We have a job. We have a job to be prepared and to plan for all options." (Via CNN)

All options, except now the Pentagon says the drones are mainly meant to protect U.S. advisers that are working inside the city. The drones' main mission is to gather information about where the enemy is located. (Via YouTube / AIRBOYD)

According to The New York Times, both manned and unmanned drones are already performing 40 surveillance flights each day. 

This is happening just as some of the country's political leaders are trying to decide who should be the country's next prime minister before the parliament opens next week. 

Observers are skeptical that Iraq's current Prime Minister Nouri ​al-Maliki is capable of saving the country from ISIS militants in the north. (Via RT)

So that begs the question — could those armed drones help in the Iraqi government's fight against ISIS? It's a question CNN posed to the Pentagon's press secretary — who gave a not-so-definite response. 

KIRBY: "Well, that's not the goal right now." (Via CNN)

"Not the goal right now." Not really a yes or no, but so far the Pentagon is only describing the armed drones' mission as "force protection."

Baghdad has been under attack from ISIS militants since early June. The group has already seized much of northern and western Iraq, including many valuable oil refineries. (Via YouTube / عمر الفاروق)

Any airstrikes that are not defensive will require President Obama's approval.