Pfizer To Seek Approval For COVID Vaccine Booster

The company says a third shot of its vaccine could dramatically boost immunity and increase protection against variants.

Pfizer To Seek Approval For COVID Vaccine Booster
Paul Sancya / AP

New developments on the vaccine front. Pfizer wants the official okay for a third dose.  

The drug company says boosters would greatly increase protection against COVID variants like Delta and the company's data shows antibodies jump 5-to-10-fold.

It recommends people get a third shot within 12 months of their last dose. Pfizer will submit "emergency authorization" paperwork next month. 

The Delta variant makes a strong case for getting fully vaccinated. 

French researchers found the variant can bypass certain antibodies and make vaccines less effective. One shot offered little protection. However, fully vaccinated people saw a significant bump in immunity.

The news comes just as American health officials say unvaccinated people are contributing to a surge.