Pippa Middleton Sits Down For First TV Interview

Kind-of-royal girl next door Pippa Middleton sat down for her first television interview. The two-part interview will air June 30 and July 1 on NBC.

Pippa Middleton Sits Down For First TV Interview
Twitter / @MLauer

Without even trying, Pippa Middleton has been squarely in the public eye. The kind-of-royal girl next door captured the world's attention at her sister's wedding but has kept us all at bay ... until now.  (Via Wikimedia Commons / TheMatthewSlack)

"Let me say good morning to Pippa Middleton. Say hi to the folks back in New York."

"Hello, everyone." (Via NBC)

That's a preview of Pippa Middleton, the silent but famous sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, sitting down with Matt Lauer for her first-ever TV interview — not just in America but anywhere. (Via Twitter / @MLauer)

Although being associated with royalty often comes with fame and fortune, Pippa really stepped into the limelight in 2011 when she wore a bum-flattering ivory dress to one of the world's biggest spectacles. (Via CBS)

"Kate's 27-year-old younger sister broke the first rule of bridesmaids, thou shall not distract from the bride. ... The beautiful dress ... the beautiful you-know-what!" (Via ABC)

And Pippa has been tabloid and papparazzi bait ever since, with engagement rumors and even a mini-scandal. (Via Us Weekly)

"The future queen's younger sister was photographed in a car while the driver pointed a pistol ... one of them waving a pistol at a paparazzi photographer who's clearly following them." (Via CNN)

Pippa found herself most recently in the American spotlight while doing a 3,000-mile bike ride for charity. Pippa, her brother, James, and the rest of their cycling team traveled across 12 states in eight days. (Via WABC)

The two-part interview is set to air June 30 and July 1 on the "Today" show.