Polar Blast Hits U.S. Midwest And East

While not as harsh as December's storm, the blast will bring snow, and freezing temperatures will affect the Midwest and East Coast until the weekend.

Polar Blast Hits U.S. Midwest And East

​It's the so-called polar vortex — round two. A brand-new winter storm is making its way across the country this week. (Via The Weather Channel)

Half the U.S. is expected to see freezing temperatures and snow storms as frigid air moves to the East Coast, where temperatures will range from 10 to 25 degrees below average. (Via CNN)

Although this storm will not produce temperatures as low as a previous storm did a couple weeks ago, the National Weather Service says it will last longer — about a week. The agency estimates as much as a foot of snow could hit parts of the country throughout the day Tuesday. (Via WPVI)

Federal offices and schools are expected to close as winter weather advisories remain in effect. Many residents are being told to stay indoors. (Via NBC)

And in Chicago, a smaller storm dropped about 10 inches of snow overnight because of a "lake effect" as the moisture from Lake Michigan mixed with the freezing air. (Via CLTV)

Although the rest of the Midwest won't see as much snow as the East, wind chills will drop to 20 to 40 degrees below zero.

The storm has already dropped snow in many areas and is causing hazardous travel conditions. CNN reports as many as 2,100 flights have already been canceled nationwide, with that number expected to increase as the storm progresses.

Some states are reporting propane shortages due to December's arctic weather conditions and are even declaring energy emergencies to speed up propane deliveries. (Via WHDH)

Snowfall is expected to end by Wednesday, but the freezing temperatures will continue at least until the weekend.