Police Arrest Suspect In New York 'Knockout' Attacks

New York police say they've found the Brooklyn man accused of randomly punching strangers. 35-year-old Barry Baldwin doesn't have a criminal record.

Police Arrest Suspect In New York 'Knockout' Attacks

New York police say they've found the Brooklyn man accused of randomly punching people in several separate incidents as part of the so-called "knockout game."

The knockout game — where people will try to punch an unsuspecting victim so hard it knocks them out — has caught the attention of law enforcement. People in states like New Jersey, New York and Missouri have reportedly died from knockout attacks. (Via ITN)

This is a police sketch of 35-year-old Barry Baldwin. Police arrested Baldwin back on Dec. 29 and said he was charged with six counts of assault as a hate crime Friday. (Via WNYW)

CNN reports Baldwin was believed to be involved in several incidents in predominantly Jewish parts of Brooklyn.

The New York Post reports Baldwin has no prior arrests but police say he went on a nearly two-month long "knockout" spree targeting white women — most of them Jewish.

In one of the first reported cases, Baldwin is accused of punching a 78-year-old woman on the streets in November as she was pushing her great-grandaughter in her stroller. Just days before Christmas he's accused of punching a 33-year-old mother in front of her young daughter.

But despite media reports of a "trend" in the so-called knockout attacks, police in New York say there's no evidence of a growing pattern.