Police: Couple Killed Uncle Over Money Before Double Suicide

Police believe Nicki Hunt and her boyfriend, Gary Crockett, killed William Valenti and then jumped to their death off the George Washington Bridge.

Police: Couple Killed Uncle Over Money Before Double Suicide

Police believe a woman and her boyfriend who jumped to their deaths from the George Washington Bridge Monday, first killed the woman's uncle over an argument about money. 

"There was a note on the back door from the two people who had committed suicide saying that 'We took Uncle Bill to the hospital and we'll call you later on.' Uncle Bill was dead in the house." (Via WCBS

Forty-year-old Nicki Hunt and her boyfriend, Gary Crockett, 41, were living with Hunt's uncle William Valenti in Suffern, New York — a small town about 45 minutes out of Manhattan. (Via WNBC

The New York Post reports the couple took between $1,000 and $1,500 from Valenti's bank account without his permission on a previous date but agreed to pay him back. Valenti reportedly set a deadline of April 30th before considering taking legal action.

Authorities say this is what led to Valenti's death. They add Valenti died of asphyxiation and believe the couple was involved — although additional details about how Valenti died were not made clear.

When authorities arrived at Valenti's home, they found the note claiming he was at the hospital and discovered his car missing. Authorities say Hunt and Crockett drove to the George Washington Bridge and jumped to their deaths on the Hudson River. (Via WABC)

Another note, addressed to Hunt's four children, was discovered — though it's unclear where.  

In the note, the New York Daily News says, Hunt wrote: “To the 4 most amazing kids this world has ever seen or will ... I do know that I am taking the cowardly way out. I just don't want to hurt people anymore. ... I don't want a funeral or a wake. ... I love you. Love, Mom."

Both Hunt and Crockett were reportedly past drug users. Police say because both committed suicide, officials might never know the answers to some of the questions in the case.