Police: Mo. House Sitter Let Friends Cook Meth Inside Home

Police say a woman house-sitting for her neighbors let her friends cook meth inside the home, leaving behind thousands of dollars in damage.

Police: Mo. House Sitter Let Friends Cook Meth Inside Home

Police say a woman house sitting in Missouri cooked up a whole mess of trouble for the owners while they were away.

"A Ballwin family is looking at nearly $40,000 in repairs after someone used their home to cook meth." (Via KSDK)

According to KTVI, Lauren Stephens was asked to watch a home next door to her own in September while the owners were on vacation. And during that time, police say she let people inside to cook meth.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports a probable cause report from Ballwin police notes Stephens is a known meth user. She later admitted to buying a box of pseudoephedrine to help make the drug in exchange for a portion of the cook.

But, as KMOV notes, turning her neighbor's house into a temporary meth lab caused some damage that didn't go unnoticed when they got back.

"Things so bad in the Sunfield Place home that meth particles from cooked meth made it into walls, floors and plumbing along the first floor." (Via KMOV)

The owners are now in the process of cleaning and repairing the damage their house-sitter and her friends allegedly caused. Stephens has been charged with first-degree property damage, which is a felony.