Poll Finds Calif. Is Favorite To Be Booted From The Union

A new poll by Fox News reveals some people would vote "yes" to kicking a state out of the union, and California would be first go.

Poll Finds Calif. Is Favorite To Be Booted From The Union
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A new poll reveals some people in the U.S. have a desire to vote a state out of the union. Their top pick? The sunny state of California. 

STEVE DOOCY FOR FOX NEWS"Fifty-three percent. The latest Fox News poll putting the Golden State at the top of the list followed by New York and Texas. Look at that! But California wins by a mile."

The fourth on the list is Florida at 11 percent. According to Chris Anderson, a Democratic pollster who worked on the survey, politics are likely part of the equation. He told Fox: "The top four states targeted for expulsion are also the four most electorally rich states in the country."

Which is true — California has 55 electoral votes and Texas has 38, while New York and Florida both have 29. But the four states don't always vote the same.

In the last election, California, New York and Florida voted for Obama and Texas voted for Romney, although Florida is a well-known swing state.

The poll questioned a random sample of 1,049 registered voters. 

Of that sample, 17 percent said "yes" to wanting to vote out a state if they could. Overall, Republicans (21 percent) were more likely than Democrats (13 percent) to want to give a state the boot.

No state has made a notable effort to secede from the union since the Civil War, but the idea has definitely come about. 

Most recently, an Alaskan started a petition to give the state back to Russia. It got about 28,000 signatures.

And a Russian ambassador to the European Union seemed warm to the idea.

VLADIMIR CHIZHOV VIA BBC"Should I tell Sen. McCain to watch over Alaska?"

ANDREW MARR: "Well, they've got Alaska already, it's slightly different."

CHIZHOV: "Well, it used to be Russian."

MARR: "That's a very worrying thought."

And flashback to 2012 when Obama's re-election caused an uproar on the White House petition website

CBS"So far, there are more than 20 states, the majority of which did not vote Obama this election, requesting to withdraw and create their own governments."

This recent poll was conducted by telephone and through live interviews. There was a 3 percent margin of error.