Pope (Again) Speaks Out Against Legalized Marijuana

Pope Francis reiterated his stance against legalizing marijuana Friday, calling drug addiction "evil."

Pope (Again) Speaks Out Against Legalized Marijuana
Wikimedia Commons / Casa Rosada

Pope Francis is not a fan of legalized marijuana. (Via Wikimedia Commons / Casa Rosada)

​He made it clear Friday at a conference in Rome — at the International Drug Enforcement Conference. 

Multiple outlets reported his comments as if they were new. (Via The Washington Times, Mashable, Newsweek)

When in reality, he's been pretty clear. In 2013, he told a crowd in Brazil legalizing drugs wouldn't reduce the spread of drug addiction. (Via The Guardian )

So the news Friday is less what he said and more that he said it again. 

He called drug addiction "evil," and added, "Attempts, however limited, to legalize so-called ‘recreational drugs’ ... fail to produce the desired effects." (Via Wikimedia Commons / Tania Rego/ABr)

What makes the Pope's position interesting to Newsweek's Kira Bindrim is that some have called him a progressive when it comes to issues like homosexuality, atheism and capitalism. (Via Catholic News Service)

Worldwide, several countries are debating legalizing marijuana and other recreational drugs. In December, Uruguay became the first country to decriminalize marijuana.