Virtual Reality

Pornhub Is Now On The Virtual Reality Bandwagon

Pornhub's new VR channel is free, and the site's giving away 10,000 Google Cardboard viewers to mark its debut.

Pornhub Is Now On The Virtual Reality Bandwagon

The porn industry has been inextricably linked to virtual reality almost from the word "go."

Now, Pornhub is jumping on the VR bandwagon. We promise the rest of this video is safe for work.

An ad spot for Pornhub's new service reads, "The future of entertainment is here, with totally free virtually reality porn now available on"

In typically bombastic fashion, Pornhub announced it's partnering with BaDoink VR to create a new, free VR channel on its site. The company's also giving away 10,000 Google Cardboard VR viewers to increase its viewer base. No, that's not a euphemism.

VR porn may not be the most inspiring use of a technology that can let people fly a virtual spaceship or experience life in a refugee camp. But it is important; the porn industry has been a key driver of technological adoption in the past, helping push both the VCR and cable TV to public use.

And while Pornhub's not the first player in the VR porn space, it is one of the most accessible; previous adult VR ventures have mostly been locked behind a paywall.

This video includes clips from ComplexBuzzFeed and Mashable.