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Donald Trump And Angela Merkel's First Photo Op Was A Bit Awkward

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's first visit with U.S. President Donald Trump is off to an awkward start.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel sits with U.S. President Donald Trump.
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President Donald Trump is making headlines again for his behavior during a photo op with a foreign leader.

Chancellor Angela Merkel and President Donald Trump

It Might Be Their First Meeting, But Trump And Merkel Have A History

President Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel don't always see eye to eye, and sometimes, it's gotten personal.


During the photo op, Trump seemed to ignore photographers and German Chancellor Angela Merkel's requests for a traditional handshake photo.

It's worth noting that Trump and Merkel did shake hands when she first arrived at the White House.

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It's also possible Trump simply didn't hear the requests for a handshake — but the president and chancellor's relationship hasn't exactly been friendly since he took office.