Preteen Stabbed To Please Mythical Creature: Prosecutors

Two preteens are being tried as adults and face up to 60 years in prison for allegedly stabbing their friend 19 times, nearly killing her.

Preteen Stabbed To Please Mythical Creature: Prosecutors
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Police say two 12-year-old girls told investigators they wanted to please a mythical creature when they stabbed a classmate nearly 20 times.

"Saturday morning, a bicyclist came across a severely wounded 12-year-old-girl. ... She had been stabbed 19 times in a wooded area ... with some wounds missing her arteries by just one millimeter." (Via WDJT)

​Police say the two girls lured a 12-year-old classmate media outlets are calling a "friend" into the woods. Then, one of them reportedly held the victim down while the other stabbed.


The Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel reports police say the girls had been planning murder for months, and the plan came to fruition at a slumber party. 

"​The two Waukesha girls were charged in Waukesha County Circuit Court as adults with attempted first-degree intentional homicide, each facing up to 65 years in prison."

The two preteens reportedly had a fascination with a mythical creature called "Slenderman." (Via Creepypasta Wiki)

He's a tall figure with no face, sometimes appearing with black tentacles, who kills for fun. (Via YouTube /  Marble Hornets)

WITI reports one of the girls told investigators:

"She wanted to prove the existence of that fantasy character and thought if she killed her friend and took the body to Slenderman's mansion located in the Nickel and National forest, she would accomplish that goal." (Via WITI)

​Remarkably, the girl who was stabbed is alive and in stable condition at a local hospital, despite the fact some of her major organs were injured during the attack. 

CNN reports the suspects plotted several different ways to kill the other girl, but ultimately decided to do it in the woods while playing hide-and-seek. After the victim crawled away for help, police found the other two walking along the road.

One of the girls told investigators she thought it was "weird" she didn't feel sad or have any remorse during the stabbing. The suspects made their first court appearance June 2.

Each face 60 years in prison.