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Donald Trump Is Making America Protest Again

President Trump's inauguration was full of unrest, setting a record for the number of protesters at a recent inauguration.

Donald Trump Is Making America Protest Again
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The American protest is making a comeback, and the numbers show it.

At most inaugurations, we see few, if an, major protests. But President Trump's was not like most inaugurations. These numbers go way beyond what we saw in the George W. Bush years — and even beyond those of Richard Nixon's second inauguration, when protesters marched against the Vietnam War.

Trump's day-one demonstrators might have something to do with approval ratings. As he enters office, Trump's is historically low for an incoming president.

"We'll always be interested, however long he's president, whether it's a year, two years or the complete four years, I'll always want to have my voice heard," Eden Campbell told us. 

One thing we've heard a lot from young protesters is that their perception of their own country changed on election night. This shift from the Obama era to the Trump era has brought a lot of people out to protest for the first time.

Police guard the Inauguration parade route.

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Security agencies are preparing for threats and surges of protesters.


"I'm not very political," one protester, Richard Lucas, said. "I've ignorantly thought,'I don't need to read the news; it's all just garbage.' But I think now, more than ever, we need to stay informed."

"I was living in a time where I was going to watch the first black man become president, and I thought I was going to watch the first woman become president. And I just realized on Nov. 8 that I'm not living in that time. I'm living in a time when we have to fight, and hopefully that time will come from this fight."

"I woke up on Nov. 8 and I was so sure of things, and I was so sure of the country I was living in," Jonette Senko said. "And I woke up on Nov. 9 and was like, this is a lot different than I thought it was." 

"When we were planning for this, we had hundreds of people contacting us locally and many thousands across the country who had never been involved in something like this before," organizer Yasmina Mrabet said. "But they felt that Trump and his agenda were so extreme that they had to say something — they had to do something."