Putin's 'Gunslinger Gait' May Be From His KGB Training

Vladimir Putin is known to walk with his right arm held close while his left swings freely. A new study says it could be a sign of his KGB training.

Putin's 'Gunslinger Gait' May Be From His KGB Training
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Vladimir Putin barely swings his right arm when he walks. His walk has been called a "swagger," but a group of neurologists says it may be something else: KGB training. (Video via President of Russia)

The study comes from The BMJ's Christmas edition, which features funnier science like why Rudolph's nose is red

The group ruled out Parkinson's, which can cause "asymmetrically reduced arm swing," because Putin's right hand shows no sign of tremor or muscle weakness. (Video via RTPresident of Russia)

Plus, Dmitry Medvedev does it, too. So do other Russian officials. The study says KGB-style firearms training would explain the "gunslinger gait." (Video via RT)

Now, we're no experts, but do any other leaders have the walk of a trained killer?

Obama? Netanyahu? No. (Video via The White House)

Park Geun-hye? Dilma Rousseff? No. (Video via TV NBR)

Angela Merkel? Nope. (Video via European Commission)

Xi Jinping? No. (Video via CCTV)

Shinzo Abe? Narendra Modi? Not them, either. (Video via Narendra Modi)

Pope Francis? Well, he doesn't swing either arm very much. (Video via The Washington PostEuropean Commission)

This video includes images from Getty Images and jkrebs / CC0 and music from Birocratic / CC BY 4.0.