Putin Warns European Countries Not To Host US Nukes

Putin's warning comes on the back of the Trump administration's decision to leave the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces treaty.

Putin Warns European Countries Not To Host US Nukes
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Russian President Vladimir Putin warned European countries Wednesday that if they play host to nuclear weapons from the U.S., they are putting themselves in danger of retaliatory strikes. 

Putin said if the U.S. continues to dismantle nuclear treaties, the world could see another escalating arms race between Moscow and Washington. 

Putin's comments came days after President Donald Trump announced the U.S. would pull out of the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces, or INF treaty, which he accused Russia of violating.  

That treaty bans land-based nuclear missiles with ranges of roughly 300 to 3400 miles. NATO, which agrees with U.S. claims that Russia has violated the INF, said it doesn't expect member states to deploy more nuclear weapons.

Despite the escalating rhetoric, on Tuesday National Security Advisor John Bolton met with Putin and other Russian officials, and President Trump said he might meet with Putin in November.

Additional reporting by Newsy affiliate CNN