Ravens Owner Disputes Credibility Of ESPN's Ray Rice Report

Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti defended the team's prior knowledge of the Ray Rice case at a press conference Monday.

Ravens Owner Disputes Credibility Of ESPN's Ray Rice Report
Getty Images / Rob Carr

Commissioner Roger Goodell isn't the only NFL higher-up having to defend his actions in the Ray Rice case. Next in the cross-hairs: Baltimore Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti.

First, a quick refresher. Last Friday, ESPN's "Outside The Lines" published a detailed report drawing from 20 league sources, including NFL players and personnel, Ray Rice's friends and many others. 

The report basically claims the Baltimore Ravens did just about everything possible to shield Rice from the fallout over his alleged assault of his then-fiance. But Monday, Bisciotti said ESPN drew from biased sources.

BALTIMORE RAVENS OWNER STEVE BISCIOTTI: "The majority of the sources are people that work for Ray. Almost everything in there is anonymous, but it's clear from the subject matter that it's Ray's attorney, it's Ray's agent, it's Ray's friends."

Bisciotti went on to say he believes the report was "manufactured" and the Rice supporters who spoke up were only trying to "build a case for reinstatement." Later, ESPN reporter Don Van Natta, who helped write the report, addressed Bisciotti's remarks.

ESPN INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER VAN NATTA: "Unfortunately, it's an assumption he's making. ... It's an oversimplification of the work we put into this story."

Bisciotti's press conference didn't impress many analysts in the media, either. A New York Times writer said, "Spare our ears from explanations of your ineptitude that are only making the hole you have fallen into much deeper. For everyone’s sake, stop digging."

And a USA Today writer called some of Bisciotti's comments "tasteless" and said he failed to deliver answers.

In addition to Bisciotti's remarks, the Baltimore Ravens also issued a long 15-point rebuttal to the ESPN report, turning this whole scandal into yet another case of he-said, she-said.