Fingerprint Sensor In Samsung Galaxy S5 'Confirmed'

SamMobile is "confirming" the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S5 will have a fingerprint sensor, making it the third major manufacturer to add similar tech.

Fingerprint Sensor In Samsung Galaxy S5 'Confirmed'

Samsung is expected to unveil its Galaxy S5 next week. But before the launch, SamMobile has a reveal of its own.

"Yes, you heard it right folks! Today, we are finally confirming that Samsung's upcoming flagship device, the Galaxy S5, will be equipped with a fingerprint sensor."

And yes, it will be contained in the home button. We know, this sounds like an Apple-Samsung battle waiting to happen.

But before we get carried away, the report indicates the swipe method will be different from Apple's Touch ID.

ZDNet Charlie Osborne writes: "Users will need to vertically swipe the button with their finger at medium speed. In addition, your finger would need to be completely flat and scanned from base to tip.”

So it's a swipe sensor rather than a static sensor. Android Central points out the swipe might not be as user-friendly.

However, it says Samsung's scanner will beat Apple's in functionality. Users will reportedly be able to link up to eight fingerprints and assign each print a different task, like launching a particular app.

Also, your prints will supposedly be able to access a private mode within the device, meaning you'll be able to hide apps and content beneath a fingerprint-protected layer. (Via Samsung)

Previous reports had suggested the possibility of a Samsung fingerprint sensor. (Via Forbes)

And with HTC also joining the fingerprint game, it seems it's the new thing in smartphone tech. But Samsung might not stop there.

CNET reports about a month ago "a Samsung executive also mentioned that the company was looking at iris-scanning security technology -- however, it's now believed this tech won't be released with the Galaxy S5."

One hardware change a lot of people are looking to see in the S5: less plastic.

TechRadar reports, "We've seen a couple of images suggesting the S5 might be designed with a combination of aluminum and the faux leather look of the Note 3."

If reports are correct, we should know the answers to this and more next Monday, when Samsung is expected to announce the S5.