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Republican Wins Georgia Runoff For Secretary Of State

Many Georgia Democrats viewed the vote as a proxy rematch of the state's gubernatorial race.

Republican Wins Georgia Runoff For Secretary Of State
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On Tuesday, Republican Brad Raffensperger won the runoff vote for Georgia Secretary of State, defeating former Democratic congressman John Barrow. 

It was an election that many Democrats viewed as a proxy rematch of the governor's race between Brian Kemp and Stacey Abrams.

Voting issues plagued Georgia's general election, with many complaints from voters about voter registration purging and troubles with getting hold of absentee ballots. 

Many Democrats, including Abrams, also accused Governor-elect Kemp of having a conflict of interest — he acted as secretary of state until two days after the election, and his office oversaw all Georgia voting.

At the outset of voting on Tuesday, at least two Georgia precincts ran into issues at polling places and ended up staying open later.

Raffensperger will now be in a position to immediately address potential flaws within the state's voting system.

He's also promised to tackle potential voter fraud and purge inactive voters from the rolls.