Richard Kiel, Known As 'Jaws' In Bond Movies, Dies At 74

Actor Richard Kiel died in a hospital in Fresno, California Wednesday. His cause of death has not yet been released.

Richard Kiel, Known As 'Jaws' In Bond Movies, Dies At 74
Pattie / CC BY NC ND 2.0

Actor Richard Kiel has died. He was 74 years old. His movie career spanned 50 years,.

But he's probably best known as playing the villain "Jaws" in James Bond flicks.

Born in 1939, Kiel appeared in a famous episode of "Twilight Zone," and had a small part on "Lassie" in the '60s.

And fans of those Adam Sandler '90s comedies will know him from the movie "Happy Gilmore." 

Some of Kiel's more recent work included voicing a "ruffian" in Disney's "Tangled." He was also slated to be in the announced film "The Engagement Ring." 

And Kiel was famous for was his height, all 7 feet of him, caused by a condition called acromegaly. Even sitting, he towered over people, just look at him compared to David Letterman. (Video via NBC / "Late Night with David Letterman")

Red Carpet News TV REPORTER: "What's the most common question you get asked?"

KIEL: "How tall are you?

REPORTER: "How tall are you?"

KIEL: "7 1 3/4."

Kiel's role in the Bond movies stuck with him. In June, he told the Daily Mail he still went out wearing a hat because people would shout "Hey, Jaws!" at him from across the street. 

It's still unclear what caused his death. TMZ reports Kiel broke his leg last week, and died in a hospital Wednesday. But it's unclear if the injury was related to his death. 

Kiel is survived by his wife and children.