Rob Ford Accused Of Paying To Have A Man Beaten In Jail

Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been accused of paying a friend to have his estranged brother-in-law beaten in jail.

Rob Ford Accused Of Paying To Have A Man Beaten In Jail
Wikimedia Commons / West Annex News

Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford found himself in some legal trouble once again Wednesday.

"A lawsuit claims Rob Ford plotted a jail house beating to hush up talk about his drug use." (Via CBC)

According to Global News, Ford's estranged brother-in-law, Scott MacIntyre, was put in jail in March 2012 after he was charged with threatening to kill Ford after the two allegedly got into a confrontation at Ford's home.

While he was behind bars, The Globe and Mail reports MacIntyre claims a 300-pound former football player and several other prisoners shattered his teeth and broke his leg while he was in the shower.

MacIntyre told the outlet, "They wanted to know if I was going to do the right thing — was I going to keep my mouth shut [about Rob Ford]." (Via The Globe and Mail)

Now, that former football player, Aedan Petros, played defensive tackle for Ford when he was the football coach at Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School, according to the Toronto Sun. MacIntyre has accused Ford of paying Petros to beat him and keep him quiet about what he knew.

According to MacIntyre's $1.5 million lawsuit, Ford allegedly spoke with an aide about whether to have his brother-in-law "beaten or killed" during a meeting last year.

The lawsuit claims that meeting was caught on camera and is the very same video obtained and released in November by the Toronto Star that shows Ford ranting wildly about killing someone.

Ford has, of course, made headlines ever since some reporters said they saw a video that appeared to show Ford smoking crack with drug dealers. He then admitted to smoking the drug. (Via CTV)

He's refused calls to resign and has promised he will run for reelection, though he's been stripped of most of his governing powers by the Toronto city council. (Via ITN)

The prison where MacIntyre was held said it is investigating the alleged beating, but Ford's attorney has denied the accusations, calling them "without fact or foundation." Ford himself did not comment on the suit when asked about it by reporters.