Rob Ford Drops Out Of Toronto Mayoral Race

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has officially dropped out of the Toronto mayoral race due to health concerns.

Rob Ford Drops Out Of Toronto Mayoral Race
Getty Images / Aaron Vincent Elkaim

Rob Ford, who's no stranger to headlines, is making them again after dropping out of the Toronto mayoral race.

The National Post says the official paperwork was filed just about an hour before the deadline to enter or withdraw from the race.

The news isn't necessarily surprising — media outlets have been reporting the current Toronto mayor went to the hospital Wednesday and ended up undergoing a biopsy on a tumor found in his abdomen.

It's probably tough for Ford's camp — what with waiting on a diagnosis and the added disappointment that comes with not being able to run. But The Wire poked fun at him anyway.

The outlet called him a "generally hilarious public figure" but then scratched out the word "hilarious" and replaced it with "strange."

Probably a little insensitive, but we're half expecting this sort of media commentary that seems to follow Ford since he admitted to smoking crack. 

In an editorial piece, The Star even acknowledged it had been critical of Ford but said this wasn't the way the paper wanted to see him leave office.

"It's no secret that this newspaper's editorials have stood in staunch opposition to Ford and his agenda. In this space we have repeatedly called for his ousting as mayor. ... But not like this. Not through an illness that we wouldn't wish on anyone."

Doctors predict it will take about a week to get the results of the biopsy.

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