Rob Ford To Seek Drug Treatment As Second Crack Vid Surfaces

Scandal-plagued Mayor Rob Ford made the announcement moments before The Globe and Mail published screenshots of a second video of him smoking crack.

Rob Ford To Seek Drug Treatment As Second Crack Vid Surfaces

Late night television's favorite punch line is taking a break to get some help on a pretty serious issue.

The Toronto Sun reports scandal-plagued Mayor Rob Ford will take a leave of absence from his re-election campaign to seek treatment for substance abuse.

The Toronto mayor has gained international notoriety for a series of blunders ... 

FORD: "Holy Christ!" (Via CBC)

... aggressive outbursts in formal settings ... (Via The Globe and Mail)

... and just general shocking candor in front of television cameras.

FORD: "Olivia Gondek says that I wanted to eat her **** ... I'm happily married. I've got more than enough to eat at home." (Via National Post)

But the scandal that started all the scandals for Ford was over crack cocaine. He admitted last November that he had smoked it. And now, it seems he's hitting reset on the whole thing.

The Globe and Mail published a screenshot from a video it claimed to have seen, filmed Saturday and showing Mayor Ford again smoking crack cocaine. 

Ford told The Toronto Sun he was taking leave from his campaign mere minutes before The Globe and Mail published that screenshot. Toronto, apparently home to the world's most forgiving constituents, still put Ford a close second in polling earlier this month for the mayoral race.