Rob Ford Trades Mayor's Office For Council Seat

Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford isn't ready to leave the council chambers. The infamous politician will return to his position as the Ward 2 councillor.

Rob Ford Trades Mayor's Office For Council Seat
Getty Images / Aaron Vincent Elkaim

Former Toronto Mayor Rob Ford may have given up his shot at reclaiming the mayoral title, but he's not leaving the council chambers just yet.

Ford will return to his former position as the council seat in Ward 2 Etobicoke North, where his brother, Doug Ford, was the previous councillor.

Rob Ford withdrew from the race for Toronto mayor back in mid-September after doctors discovered he had an abdominal tumor. Doug Ford announced that same day he'd be stepping in to "take the torch." (Video via CBC)

But the brothers weren't able to complete the job swap. Doug Ford lost the mayoral race to John Tory by some 64,000 votes.

Tory assured Torontonians things would be more balanced with him at the helm"I will work with the council that the people of Toronto elected tonight in moving Toronto not left, not right, but forward. I will be a balanced and accountable leader."

But Ford made some promises of his own. Following the race, the CBC quoted him as saying "I’ll be taking care of my health and I’ll be taking care of the people in Etobicoke North and I’ll continue to take care of every taxpayer in this city, like I always have."

And the outgoing mayor more or less promised either he or his brother would return to run for the mayor's seat again in four years, telling supporters"We’re going to have to start working for November 2018."

This video includes images from Getty Images and Alex Guibord / CC BY ND 2.0.