Robinson Cano Leaves NY Yankees For Seattle Mariners

Robinson Cano is headed to Seattle to play second baseman on a 10-year, $240 million contract.

Robinson Cano Leaves NY Yankees For Seattle Mariners
Wikimedia Commons / Keith Allison

Robinson Cano is ditching his pinstripes and heading to Seattle. Considering the exorbitant offer he signed, you probably won’t be surprised why he left.

Cano signed on with the Mariners for the next 10 years, and he’ll be making $240 million with the move. It also comes with a full no-trade clause in the contract. (Via WNBC)

That makes Cano's contract the third largest in baseball history, and tied with Albert Pujols’ deal with the Los Angeles Angels three years ago. (Via USA Today)

But according to New York Daily News, Cano’s superstar-rapper-turned agent Jay Z almost stopped the deal dead in its tracks.

Originally, the deal was supposed to be for nine years and $225 million, but the night before sealing the deal Jay Z upped the offer by a year, demanding $252 million. (Via Business Insider)

That reportedly led Mariners chairman Howard Lincoln to “explode” with anger. But both sides apparently took a night to cool off and settled on the 10-year $240 million figure. (Via Sports Illustrated)

Seattle had some significant financial leeway in the deal, with only two major contracts for other players on the team and a new regional sports network for the team launching soon. (Via Wikimedia Commons / Galaksiafervojo)

So how does Cano's departure make the Yankees feel?

Not too bad, according to several reports. The Yankees refused to move from their offer of a seven-year, $170 million contract, which would actually have been a higher average annual value. (Via WABC)

But the New York Times called the move a stunning development. “They wanted Cano to stay, but not in a deal that would uncomfortably mimic the $275 million, 10-year contract they gave Rodriguez in December 2007, a decision that has come to haunt them in recent seasons.”

Cano has only played for the Yankees since starting in the MLB in 2001. He is a five-time All Star and finished fifth last year in American League MVP voting.