Ron Howard To Direct New Beatles Documentary

Award-winning director Ron Howard is set to direct the first official Beatles documentary since "Let It Be" was released in 1970.

Ron Howard To Direct New Beatles Documentary
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Attention, Beatles fans — there's going to be another documentary featuring the iconic band. (Via Getty Images)

Apple Corps Ltd., White Horse Pictures and Imagine Entertainment announced Wednesday they will produce a film based on the touring years of the Beatles' career — between 1960 and 1966.

And award-winning director and lifelong Beatles fan Ron Howard is on board to direct the new movie, which will be the first official Beatles film since "Let It Be" was released in 1970. (Via YouTube / Larry King)

Howard told Billboard shortly after the announcement: "What's so intriguing to me is not only the subject, but the context we can bring to it now. Not only can we do a study of these touring years, the narrative of an odyssey, we can look at the significance of the Beatles as individuals. Dramatically it makes a lot of sense and cinematically, we have a chance to offer a unique experience."

According to Variety, Howard plans to explore why and how the Beatles became so popular by diving into "the era's social and political context."

And he reportedly plans to include a lot of concert footage — even some videos shot on movie cameras by fans. When it's all said and done, Howard says he wants between 12 and 20 songs in the film. (Via YouTube / The Beatles)

As The New York Times points out, he'll have tons of video to choose from, thanks to One Voice One World — a small company that's been inviting fans to send in clips of Beatles home movies and photos.

On Twitter, many shared their excitement and high hopes for the movie.

Even Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono and Olivia Harrison are on board and have reportedly offered their "full cooperation." (Via Getty Images, Getty Images, Getty Images, Getty Images)

No word on a title or exact release date for the film. But Howard says he hopes to have it in theaters by late 2015.