2 Senate Republican Holdouts Say They're A 'Yes' On Tax Bill

Sen. Bob Corker and Sen. Marco Rubio opposed the bill for different reasons, but both say they've gotten on board with the plan.

2 Senate Republican Holdouts Say They're A 'Yes' On Tax Bill
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Hours before the House and Senate unveiled their blended tax overhaul bill, two GOP Senate holdouts said they were on board. 

Sens. Bob Corker and Marco Rubio were holding out on the bill for different reasons.

On Thursday, Rubio said he'd vote "no" on the plan if it didn't expand a child tax credit to help families who pay payroll taxes.

And he seems to have gotten his way. Friday on Twitter, he said Republicans agreed to raise the credit above his minimum benchmark.

Current federal tax forms are distributed at the offices of the Internal Revenue Service.

Republicans Must Resolve This Big Issue Between Their Tax Bills

Members of the House and the Senate need to resolve one big issue to reconcile their versions of the tax bill — the Obamacare individual mandate.


Corker voted "no" on the original Senate bill because of reports it could add nearly $1.5 trillion to the deficit. But now he says he thinks the bill, combined with regulatory changes, will be good for Americans.

The final tax bill is expected to be released later Friday, and both houses of Congress will likely vote on it sometime next week.