Key Theresa May Ally Suggests 'Plan B' In Case Brexit Vote Fails

It's not clear exactly what would happen Parliament rejects the deal, but there are some concrete possibilities.

Key Theresa May Ally Suggests 'Plan B' In Case Brexit Vote Fails
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One of British Prime Minister Theresa May's own Cabinet members has raised the possibility of a "Plan B" should her Brexit deal fail in Parliament. 

Amber Rudd, the work and pensions secretary, says possible alternatives could include a second referendum or a "Norway Plus" option. Norway isn't a member of the E.U. but is a part of its single market, which means it gets free trade with E.U. countries. It also allows free movement of people from E.U. countries, something May has strongly rejected in the past

Things aren't looking good for May's deal, which Parliament is scheduled to vote on Tuesday. Aside from the Labour Party's opposition, she also faces detractors within her own party as well as from the Northern Irish Democratic Unionist Party — a key ally in her government. Those critics say the deal's language could leave Northern Ireland under different E.U. regulations than the rest of the U.K. and that that's unacceptable. 

There are a lot of possible scenarios if the vote fails. There could be another referendum or another general election; May could resign, or she could get voted out — you get the idea. One of the concrete things is that May will have to inform Parliament of her next steps within three weeks of the vote.  

Additional reporting by Newsy affiliate CNN