Rumors Can Rest, Apple Releases Cheaper 8GB iPhone 5c

Apple officially released the lower-memory iPhone 5C for sale in Europe, ending one of this week's worst-kept tech secrets.

Rumors Can Rest, Apple Releases Cheaper 8GB iPhone 5c

​The rumors can rest. Apple has officially released an iPhone 5c with just 8GB of memory.

ANCHOR: ​“There are reports that it’s releasing a new version of its colorful, but struggling iPhone 5c today. With 8GB, as opposed to 16 or 32GB, that would likely mean a lower price.” (Via WFTS)

The confirmation came right where most people expected it after leaked documents from O2 were posted online. O2 is selling the new version in Europe at 410 pounds — or about $682 off-contract.

Apple had hoped the cheaper, plastic-backed iPhone 5c would give it access to more customers.

But in late January, CEO Tim Cook admitted sales for the 5c didn’t hit expectations. While the company doesn’t release sales figures on a model-by-model basis, Cook said demand "turned out to be different than we thought." (Via AppleInsider)

So, in effect, many tech analysts see this as something of a doubling down to get more customers buying the iPhone.

Mashable weighed in with this: ​"The sudden unveiling of an 8GB model might however mean that the company is rethinking its pricing strategy for the low-cost iPhone."

The Next Web added it could be "​the way to help boost sales, especially in countries such as China and India where consumers are more price-sensitive."

But as in all things tech, the next best thing can only be so far off, with experts predicting the next big Apple release this summer.

ANCHOR: "They predict Apple's new iPhone 6 will come in two sizes. One with a 4.7-inch display and the second even larger — a 5.5-inch screen." (Via WTVF)

​If true, that would be significantly larger than the iPhone 4S's 3.5" display, which many predict is slowly creeping toward replacement.