S. Korea Vows Retaliation Against N. Korea For DMZ Attack

South Korea blames North Korea for burying land mines that seriously wounded two South Korean soldiers.

S. Korea Vows Retaliation Against N. Korea For DMZ Attack
South Korean Defense Ministry

According to the South Korean Defense Ministry, North Korean soldiers sneaked roughly a quarter-mile into the South Korean half of the Demilitarized Zone and buried land mines that wounded two South Korean soldiers. 

Both soldiers suffered serious leg injuries, with one needing to have both legs amputated. The New York Times quotes a South Korean military spokesman saying, "We swear a severe retaliation." (Video via Arirang News)

South Korean officials had originally dismissed North Korea as being responsible for the Aug. 4 incident. 

A South Korean military spokesman told reporters, "I am very sad about the unfortunate accident that took place during an operation."

But Monday, after inspecting the land mines' debris, a spokesman said"We are certain they were North Korean land mines planted with an intention to kill."

A professor in Seoul told the New York Times the type of mines used often do not kill the victim, making them powerful weapons psychologically.

South Korea has turned to a psychological weapon of its own, saying it will resume broadcasting propaganda to North Korean territory. The country stopped propaganda broadcasts more than a decade ago.

North Korean officials have yet to comment on the incident. After its own investigation, the U.N. condemned the incident as a violation of the Armistice Agreement. 

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