Sailboat Caught In Rare Hurricane Near Hawaii

The U.S. Coast Guard is rescuing a sailboat 400 miles off shore caught in Hurricane Julio, one of two rare storms for Hawaii.

Sailboat Caught In Rare Hurricane Near Hawaii
U.S. Coast Guard

The U.S. Coast Guard is working to rescue a sailboat about 400 miles off the coast of Oahu after it got caught in Hurricane Julio, one of two rare tropical cyclones affecting Hawaii over the weekend.

Hurricane Julio never actually hit the islands, instead diverting north. The National Weather Service also downgraded the storm to a category 1 hurricane over the weekend after wind speeds decreased. (Video via KGMB)

But the U.S. Coast Guard says it received a distress signal from a sailboat with three people aboard drifting off shore Sunday. The boat's lifeboat and hatch cover were blown away by the hurricane winds.

Accuweather says the Guard sent a plane to deliver a pump to aid in flooding within the boat. Attempts to drop off life rafts failed due to the rough conditions, forcing the crew will remain with the boat until a rescue ship arrives.

According to the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, that boat was expected to arrive on scene Sunday night. As of early Monday morning there were no updates on the status of that rescue mission or the condition of the passengers.

Again, Hurricane Julio was just one of two storms to threatened Hawaii within the past week.

Thousands are still without power after tropical storm  ‚ÄčIselle, initially classified as a hurricane, blew through the main island Friday, knocking over trees and destroying homes. (Video via KHNL)

The storms prompted residents to prepare for the kind of weather they rarely ever face, as the last hurricane to hit Hawaii was 22 years ago. The Scientific American explains high pressure during hurricane season usually causes storms to steer clear of the islands.

One death has been reported due to the recent storms. A High Surf Warning remains in effect until Monday morning.