Say Hairy Christmas With A Bedazzled Beard

This holiday season, why not add some merriment to a man's face with a #GlitterBeard?

Say Hairy Christmas With A Bedazzled Beard
Instagram / The Gay Beards

Ahhh, the holidays — making cities dazzle, buildings shine and spruces sparkle everywhere.

But a new beauty trend is hitting beards just in time for the holidays. Glitter-guarded facial hair is now the latest thing to wish you a very hairy Christmas.

"As you can see, it's a really delicate process. Sometimes if you whisper while you do it, it makes it that much more delicate. But, do you see how easy it is?" The Gay Beards asked.

The duo behind #GlitterBeard sparked a fa-la-la fashion trend on the Internet. And this new twinkling take on beard shine also got Ellen's attention.

"This is real! I'd rather see someone's entire meal that they just ate. I'd rather know what they just ate, in their beard, than see glitter like that," Ellen DeGeneres said on her show.

But despite several harsh critiques from the media, plenty are still opting to bedazzle those beards and are even getting their bulldogs involved.

And to all those babyfaces out there who feel left out, don't. Adding glitter to your armpits is said to be the next patch of hair to get some flair. But out of health code concerns, we'll let you do your own research on that.