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These Robots Can 'Heal' Themselves

Scientists recently created self-repairing robots, which could help make soft technology more durable.

These Robots Can 'Heal' Themselves
Terryn et al., Sci. Robot.

Most robots tend to be made of stiff metal or plastics. But a recent push for more soft, flexible bots could be useful for everything from health care to space exploration.

Soft robots aren't as durable as their metallic counterparts, but they're getting better. Now, a team of engineers made a set that can self-repair.

Soft Robots Could Make Human Interactions With Robots Safer

Soft Robots Could Make Human Interactions With Robots Safer

A new octopus-inspired robot could lead to medical advances.


The bots are made of temperature-sensitive rubber. When heated, its polymers break down and move to areas that need sealing. As it cools, those polymers form a bond, closing the gap.

The material seems to be efficient. The scientists said the robots repaired themselves almost perfectly during tests.

The team said although these robots don't have a specific application, the eco-friendly manufacturing method could be a model for making other soft bots.