Secret Millionaire Leaves $187.6 Million To Charities

A Seattle man left behind $187.6 million for three charities, and none of his friends even knew he was rich.

Secret Millionaire Leaves $187.6 Million To Charities

Three Seattle charities got a pretty hefty donation after a secret multimillionaire left them more than $187 million. 

Jack MacDonald inherited a substantial fortune from his parents, who started the MacDonald Meat Company. When the Seattle resident passed away in September at 98 years old, his secret fortune was revealed by his extremely large gift. (Via KPNX)

MacDonald divided his large fortune between three charities: 40 percent went to Seattle Children's Research Institute, 30 percent to University of Washington Law School and 30 percent to the Salvation Army Northwest Division.

KING reports: 

"Jack kept his fortune a secret for more than 40 years.

"Friends say Jack never talked about his wealth and the private philanthropist was a covert coupon clipper." 

ABC adds MacDonald would wear clothes with holes in them and often made frugal choices, like riding the bus rather than taking taxis. 

MacDonald also made his money from being an attorney for 30 years. He had no biological children, and his wife passed away in 1999. (Via KCPQ)

He did have a stepdaughter, who told The Seattle Times that MacDonald was also great at picking stocks.

"He didn't trust a lot of other people to do his research; he directed what he wanted bought, and he really knew what he wanted."

And he knew exactly where he wanted his fortune to go as well.

MacDonald gave Seattle Children's Hospital $75 million, which is the largest donation in the hospital's 106-year history. It will help fund pediatric research. (Via Seattle Children's Hospital, Research and Foundation)

Over $56 million went to his former school, the University of Washington School of Law. That money will be used to provide scholarships, an endowed chair and more innovative programs for the school. (Via University of Washington)

And lastly, he gave the last 30 percent, which, again, amounts to around $56 million, to the Salvation Army Northwest Division in honor of his father's wishes to always help those in need. (Via KPLU)

MacDonald also gave thousands to numerous other charities over his lifetime.