Sherman And Lynch Emerge As Best And Worst Of Media Day

Marshawn Lynch and Richard Sherman compete for the most loved and hated at Super Bowl Media Day.

Sherman And Lynch Emerge As Best And Worst Of Media Day
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They may be teammates, but they couldn't be any more different when it comes to talking to the media. 

Seattle Seahawks running back  Marshawn Lynch, who was previously fined $50,000 for not talking to the media during the season, made an extremely brief appearance at Super Bowl Media Day Tuesday, while cornerback Richard Sherman could have been running for president. (Via WFLDKPRC)

"Marshawn Lynch was there six minutes. He's known as 'Beast Mode.' He goes to silent mode. On the other hand, Richard Sherman went off for an hour. He was getting kisses. Someone gave him an Xbox." (Via HLN)

The headlines speak for themselves. By the looks of things, Lynch and Sherman were competing for the most loved and hated at Super Bowl Media Day. (Via USA Today)

Lynch appeared at the Media Day podium for about six minutes, then retreated to the back before returning to stand next to a pole and ignore reporters' questions for the better part of an hour. (Via ESPN)

"I won't be satisfied until it's all over. ... So until then, I still got work, but I appreciate this. Ya'll enjoy."

As for Sherman ... 

"I really do think these cameras should go to my teammates. ... You never want to talk down on a man. ... It's very humbling to be compared to Muhammad Ali. ... I think we still have some great journalists out there." (Via Newsday)

Along with breezing through his mandatory hour with ease, Lynch added to his writing portfolio on with "10 Things I Learned After America Learned About Me." 

He also tweeted this photo of Media Day from his perspective.

CBS wrote about the Marshawn Lynch portion of Media Day: "By the end of his stunt, everyone involved in this Marshawn Lynch fiasco seemed embarrassed to be there. Everyone but Marshawn Lynch, anyway."


As for the CBS' take on Sherman? "He's been reserved, smart and respectful. This isn't a surprise. It's who Richard Sherman is." (Via Flickr / Kelly Bailey, Mark Samia)

This remarkable recovery from being the "classless thug" could end up paying off. (Via YouTube / Offcialbeatsbydrdre)

According to CNN, Sherman's agent believes "there are millions in deals that will be signed soon, some before the Super Bowl."

With so much positive attention since the NFC rant, you'd think Sherman planned the whole thing ... hmm.