Shia LaBeouf Arrested, Was A 'Mess' At Broadway Show

LaBeouf was reportedly "a mess" during a performance of "Cabaret" Thursday night. Reports say he was disruptive and smoking at the show.

Shia LaBeouf Arrested, Was A 'Mess' At Broadway Show
YouTube / Free Thinking News

Actor Shia LaBeouf has been in the news more for his transgressions lately than anything else. This story is no exception. (Via Flickr / AHamilton29)

It all happened during the first act of "Cabaret" at Studio 54 in New York Thursday night.

"Shia LaBeouf was smoking cigarettes during the performance."

"He was quite a mess. He had a torn shirt."

"He walked up to the bar ... grabbed a strawberry and fed it to some woman." (Via WABC)

CNN reports police say the star was drunk and disruptive, and he was arrested and held overnight Thursday. He was being so outrageous, some audience members thought he was acting. 

The bizarre event comes after LaBeouf started the #IAMSORRY art exhibit in Los Angeles in February. ABC has the details on that: (Via YouTube / Free Thinking News)

"This art show is mostly just the ... actor sitting in a room ... with a bag over his head. ... it has the same message on it 'I am not famous anymore.'"

The "Transformers" actor also made headlines after his car overturned in 2008. LaBeouf was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. (Via YouTube / Hollywood.TV)

And at the end of last year, LaBeouf was accused of plagiarism. Something he decided to apologize to the author for in the sky. (Via The Hollywood Reporter)

As for the latest outburst, a writer for The Daily Beast actually seemed impressed, calling it the actor's "Most Gangsta Move Yet." 

Us Weekly reports LaBeouf was charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespass, and thought we'd end on this colorful storytelling from a source. (Via Us Magazine)

"​He was interacting with strangers during the show and slapping peoples' backsides. He was trying to avoid the police and fell. Then he was cursing at the police while being taken into custody."