'Shine A Light On Slavery Day' Covers Social Media In Red X's

The End It Movement is using red x's to raise awareness of slavery and human trafficking.

red x
End It Movement

A movement in the form of red x's is taking over social media on Thursday, Feb. 23. 

Friends, family, celebrities and politicians are banding together to bring awareness to the End It Movement's "Shine a Light on Slavery Day." 

The movement, which started in 2013, has one goal: to end slavery and human trafficking. The organization has raised over $4 million for the cause since its debut. 

On Feb. 15., a similar initiative called End Modern Slavery Initiative Act held a hearing to discuss its progress on combating modern slavery. 

Ashton Kutcher gave quite an emotional testimony. 

Slavery plagues 167 countries and about 45.8 million people, according to The Global Slavery Index.

The End It Movement is asking people to join by donating, repping the red x on their social media profiles or clothes, and using the #EndItMovement and #EndSlaveryAct hashtags.