6 Buffalo Police Officers On Leave Amid Abuse Investigation

Video of possible police brutality surfaced on YouTube and was emailed to the Buffalo Police Department Friday.

6 Buffalo Police Officers On Leave Amid Abuse Investigation
YouTube / Cop Block of WNY

Six Buffalo, New York police officers are being put on leave in connection with a video showing possible police brutality. Buffalo​ Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda announced sanctions on the officers in a press conference Monday. 

"We're working on identifying the officers involved in the incident ... The Buffalo Police Department does not condone or tolerate inappropriate behavior and we'll take whatever actions are necessary once we come to a conclusion." (Via WIVB

This is the video in question which shows at least five officers involved. In it, you can see a man on the ground, already in handcuffs, as officers appear to slap and kick the arrested suspect. 

"Ah! Stop kicking me!" (Via YouTube / Cop Block of WNY

"What you're seeing here is several minutes into the incident, long after backup arrived. An officer appears to slap and kick a man on the ground while the individual screams for him to stop."

WGRZ spoke with the suspect in the video, identified as 23-year-old John Willet.

"Would you call this police abuse or police brutality?" 

"Yes, definitely."


"I was slapped, I was kicked, then I got hit again. I caught multiple knees to the face." (Via WGRZ)

And on WGRZ's Facebook page, the reactions were mixed, with one commenter saying, "The only reason they are on leave is because they got caught on camera. " 

While someone on WKBW's page said, "Nothing will actually happen! Cops investigating cops."

WKBW has reported that the officers would be paid while on administrative leave.