Skeptical World Donors Talk Rebuilding War-Hit Gaza

A group of international donors met in Cairo to discuss funding reconstruction efforts in Gaza. The area was devastated by this summer's 50-day war.

Skeptical World Donors Talk Rebuilding War-Hit Gaza
Getty Images / Dan Kitwood

It's been a month-and a-half since the war between Israel and Hamas devastated Gaza. 

Now, world leaders from a dozen countries are meeting to raise money to rebuild what was lost. It’s a familiar scene.

Without a permanent peace treaty, the Hamas-run coastal strip has seen three wars in the past six years. Donors don’t want to fork over millions only to be in the same position a few years from now. (Video via YouTube / AK47

The U.S. did pledge some $212 million at the meeting. Most of the rest of the funding is expected to come from the Gulf states.

The goal? Raise $4 billion. That's the dollar figure Palestinian officials say is the minimum needed to reconstruct homes and infrastructure damaged or destroyed this summer. (Video via Israel Defense Forces

The coastal strip was hard hit by the 50-day war between Israel and Hamas. It’s estimated some 100,000 people lost their homes in the conflict. The fighting left more than 2,100 people dead. 

But with the world now embroiled in another major conflict in nearby Iraq and Syria, donor fatigue is a concern. As is the need for lasting peace in the Gaza. (Video via YouTube / ولاية الرقة)

That's why Secretary of State John Kerry used the opportunity to push for a two-state solution, which he says would create long-term stability in the region. Kerry was the driving force behind the nine months of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians that collapsed in back in April. (Video via U.S. Department of State

Notably absent from Sunday’s conference was Israel. According to Haaretz, the fear was many Arab donors, including the Palestinian Authority, would not attend if Israel accepted its invitation.

Western-backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said in his recent speech to the U.N. General Assembly Israel had carried out “war crimes" and its leaders should be prosecuted. The U.S. State Department called that speech counterproductive. 

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