Sky The Wire Fox Terrier Wins Westminster Best In Show

Five-year-old Sky, a wire fox terrier, won best in show at the 138th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, beating crowd favorites Nathan and Ally.

Sky The Wire Fox Terrier Wins Westminster Best In Show
Courtesy John Ashbey

It's all going to the dogs — well, one dog, at least. Sky the Wire Fox Terrier took home the top prize at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Tuesday night.

“Best in Show this evening is the Wire Fox Terrier.” (cheering)

“Sky! The Wire Fox Terrier handled by Gabriel Rangel.” (Via USA Network / "Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show")


Sky doesn't win any cash prizes for her victory, but she does get a ribbon, a trophy and a steak dinner at Sardi's restaurant in New York City. (Photo courtesy John Ashbey)

The 5-year-old pooch has her own Twitter profile and even has quite a following on her Facebook page, which says she "loves to go for walks, run and get dirty, (and) snuggle."

But, as cute as she is, Sky wasn't necessarily the crowd favorite. 

That title belonged to Nathan, a droopy-faced bloodhound who seemed totally unfazed by the competition. (Via The Westminster Kennel Club)

Another beloved competitor was Ally, a standard poodle. She was awarded "Reserve Best in Show," or runner-up. 

But Nathan and Ally couldn't top Sky, who has now won 129 Best in Show ribbons, according to ESPN.

Even with all those first-place wins under her belt, it could be that Sky, as a terrier, had an unfair leg up on the competition. 

The New York Times notes that in 138 years, terriers have won the Westminster Dog Show 46 times, and wire fox terriers like Sky have won 14 times. Nathan would have been the first bloodhound to get the top honors. 

​But that won't keep Sky from enjoying all the attention on her media rounds this morning. 

She stopped by Good Morning America to greet George Stephanopoulos with a big, wet kiss. (Via Twitter / @WKCDOGS)