Smartwatch Maker Basis Reportedly Looking To Sell To Anyone

Basis wants to talk to anyone who will listen. Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft are all reportedly in talks to acquire the smartwatch maker.

Smartwatch Maker Basis Reportedly Looking To Sell To Anyone
Basis Science

The smartwatch seems to be the darling of the tech industry right now. So this is perhaps great news: Basis Science is looking to sell.

This is the company behind the Basis watch, which tracks your activity levels, sleep patterns and overall fitness.

News of the potential sale comes from TechCrunch. It cites "two people familiar with the matter" who say Basis has talked to all the big names, including Google, Apple, Samsung and Microsoft.

The report indicates Basis would likely sell for "sub-hundred million" and says, "Though its market share is unclear, the company would be an interesting buy for any of the big four."

An Apple acquisition might make sense. We've previously reported the Cupertino team is looking into fitness tracking and maybe even a new medical device.

MacRumors writes: ​"Basis' experience in developing advanced fitness tracking products would make them a natural fit as Apple looks to integrate more health-centric technology into its smart watch product."

A writer for CNET agrees, saying it would be a "significant boost" for Apple: "The company recently posted -- and deleted -- a job posting for a 'User Studies Exercise Physiologist.'" 


Hmm, very interesting.

But — big surprise — Google is also reportedly looking into smartwatch tech.

With its recent acquisition of Nest, Google now has a team of solid product designers that could be used for more than connected home devices.

Softpedia says a Microsoft acquisition makes sense for, well, the same reason. It points out the tech giant is also rumored to be working on a Windows-powered smartwatch of its own.

And sure, Samsung already has a watch, but it hasn't received much love since its release. So it could be looking for some help.

The one thing all four companies have in common, as TechHive points out, is "near-bottomless pools of capital" that would allow them to make a quick buy and enter the market that much faster.

"It's really the same dynamic that compelled Facebook to buy Snapchat: Facebook wanted an instant position in a social media space it didn't yet own."

Basis Science has yet to comment on the report.