Snapchat Apologizes For Security Breach, Releases App Update

Snapchat releases an update to its app for Android and iOS to fix holes in the security of private information.

Snapchat Apologizes For Security Breach, Releases App Update
The Verge

Snapchat has apologized for a security breach last week that caused headaches for millions of users.

In a blog post, Team Snapchat says it is "sorry for any problems this issue may have caused," explaining it just released an Android and iOS update that improves the functionality of the Find Friends service.

Last week, Australian hacker group Gibson Security released the usernames and phone numbers of 4.6 million users after Snapchat ignored its warnings and refused to fix the security holes the group discovered four months before the breach. (Via PC Magazine)

When signing up for Snapchat, users upload their address book to track down friends who also use the service — a feature the hackers used to gather the data. (Via TechCrunch)

The hackers even set up a website where others can download the information.


When news of the leak broke, Snapchat came under fire for not apologizing to its users and not addressing the breach.


One writer for CNN says CEO Evan Spiegel either needs to be fired or apologize for what he's done to users. "Apologies under these circumstances are expected -- just ask Target -- and Snapchat's failure to follow such reasonable convention has sparked a second day of stories that only serve to remind people that it was hacked." (Via CNN)


Although there still has been no apology directly from Spiegel himself, Snapchat has released an update which it says will protect users information.