Snoop Dogg Dresses In Whiteface, Confuses Everyone

Snoop Dogg has dressed himself up in whiteface and posted photos to Instagram promoting a fake dating service... Wait, what?

Snoop Dogg Dresses In Whiteface, Confuses Everyone
Instagram / snoopdogg

He's had many names over the years. Snoop Doggy Dogg. Snoopzilla. Snoop Lion. DJ Snoopadelic. Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr. Now, the 42-year-old musician and weed advocate has adopted another new name: Todd.

"Hi, I'm Todd. I like to paintball, crochet, and a little spoken word in my free time."

Now, don't be confused by the cunning disguise — that is actually Snoop beneath the wig and the whiteface. The rapper posted a slew of "Todd" photos and videos to his Instagram, in what appears to be a promotional stunt for a dating service, "White Guys Connect." That's not a real thing, by the way.

And Todd looks eerily similar to another whitefaced Instagram star, Connor Smallnut — which, as we previously reported, is the alias Nick Cannon took when he dressed up in whiteface to promote his album, "White People Party Music."

But there was one part of Cannon's whiteface act that was missing from Snoop Dogg's performance — media backlash.

Cannon's transformation was greeted with a sharp wave of criticism, and sparked an impassioned debate about whether or not the act was racist, or just innocent comedy. Either way, the headlines were not happy with Cannon; he was later forced to defend the stunt.

NICK CANNON ON ABC: "I felt like it's a conversation that's needed. Because we all have differences, we embrace it. I talk about it in my stand-up all the time."

Whereas Snoop's whiteface act was greeted, not with anger, but with a resounding, "Huh?" The same ire that was directed at Cannon doesn't seem to have touched Snoop — maybe because Cannon paved the way for Snoop, or maybe because we're so used to him changing his image by now.

For now, Snoop seems to have reverted back to his original self on his Instagram. Farewell Todd, we hardly knew ye.

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