So, Was Trump's Fallon Appearance Actually 'HUUUUUGE'?

Some political observers praised Fallon for asking tough questions while others said the appearance fell flat.

So, Was Trump's Fallon Appearance Actually 'HUUUUUGE'?
NBC / 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon'

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump started off his Tonight Show appearance by interviewing himself, played by Jimmy Fallon.

"It's gonna be uuuuge," said Trump and Fallon playing Trump.

But some people thought the appearance didn't really turn out to be that ... uuuuge.

Trump rolled out some of his predictably vague talking points about bringing respect back to America.

Fallon didn't ask many hard questions, which led Politico to write, "[Trump] got exactly what he wanted: an easy ride."

Although after one of Trump's signature monologues, Fallon did push back a bit.

"What? What question did I ask? Did I ask about stadiums? I don't know what the hell just happened," said Fallon.

The Wall Street Journal praised Fallon, saying, "It took a comedian to ask Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump some hard questions about his improbable rise to front-runner status in the nominating contest."

The journal may have been referring to moments like this one.

"How are you going to create jobs in this country?" said Fallon playing Trump.

"I'm just gonna do it," said Trump.

"Right, but how?" said Fallon playing Trump.

"By doing it," said Trump.

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