South Korean Soldier Accused Of Killing 5 Captured

A South Korean soldier accused of killing five of his fellow soldiers before going on the run has been captured.

South Korean Soldier Accused Of Killing 5 Captured
Flickr / John Pavelka

A South Korean soldier accused of killing five fellow soldiers is in custody after leading authorities on a manhunt over the weekend.    

The 22-year-old sergeant, identified in the media only by his surname, Lim, apparently wounded himself during negotiations with his father and brother. (Via Arirang)    

"They were actually physically walking towards him about seven or eight meters away and that's when the South Korean military says the sergeant turned the weapon on himself, shot himself in the side." (Via CNN)

According to reports he was in a standoff with thousands of Korean troops who surrounded his position Sunday, after a brief firefight that wounded a platoon leader. (Via CTV)

The shooting and standoff both happened near the military base on the border with North Korea where Lim was reportedly stationed. 

South Korean news agency Yonhap reports Lim was ruled unfit in April last year over the results of a personality test, but was cleared for border duty in a second test in November.

Serving on the North Korean border is reportedly one of the most grueling deployments for South Korean soldiers, as they have to take on 24-hour watch shifts and are subjected to North Korean propaganda broadcasts. (via Flickr / John Pavelka)

This isn't the first time the South Korean military has seen one of its members go on a shooting rampage. 

In 2011, a marine corporal killed four fellow marines before trying to kill himself with a grenade, and in 2005 a soldier posted on the border killed eight of his colleagues. In both cases, the perpetrators blamed bullying. (Via Press TV) 

"Since then, the South Korean defense ministry has brought out new orders banning beating, cruelty, humiliation and bullying." (Via BBC)

According to officials, this soldier is currently in a civilian hospital.