Space Jam Mod For NBA 2K14 Is Awesome, Terrifying

Video game modder MGX drops us back into Tune Land with a NBA 2K14 mod almost 20 years after the movie "Space Jam."

Space Jam Mod For NBA 2K14 Is Awesome, Terrifying
2K Sports / "NBA 2K14" / MGX

It's been almost 20 years since Bugs Bunny and the Tune Squad recruited M.J. to play an epic basketball game against The Monstars. And now, it seems the two teams have scheduled a rematch. 

Video game modifyer MGX dropped us back down the rabbit... err bunny hole by creating a Space Jam mod, or modification, of NBA 2K14. (Via Bleacher Report)

The whole gang is back and, by the looks of it, they've been sippin' on M.J's "Secret Stuff" pretty hard. 

Last time we saw Foghorn Leghorn, he was flame broiled. (Via Warner Bros. / "Space Jam")

This time around, he's more Blake Griffin than burned rotisserie. Look at those hops! (Via YouTube / MkEliteWorksX)

MGX is the same modder who brought us a rampaging Thor in Grand Theft Auto 4 or the WWE Harlem Shake. My eyes can't unsee that. 

A writer for Sports Illustrated's Fansided blog called NBA 2K14 the best sports game in terms of actual gameplay and graphics. So it's hard to argue a Space Jam mod doesn't make the game even better. 

But while most writers seem to agree the mod is impressive, a USA Today writer also calls it a bit traumatic and says the Looney Tunes look a bit different than most of us remember. Lola Bunny was a Space Jam sex symbol, but the years since the first Tune Squad/Monstars matchup have not​ been kind to her. 

If you want to see "The Ultimate Game" play out all over again, feel free to download the just-for-PC mod through the link in the transcript.