Starbucks To Help Put Workers Through College

Starbucks is helping students pay to go to Arizona State University online as long as they work 20 hours a week at the coffee shop.

Starbucks To Help Put Workers Through College

Starbucks — the coffee giant that keeps us goin' throughout the day. Well, now it may keep its employees goin', too, but instead of with caffeine, it's with knowledge. 

"The coffee chain will pay for part of an employee's first two years, but Starbucks will reimburse all out of pocket costs for a worker's junior and senior years." (Via WDBJ)

Starbucks has partnered with Arizona State University and is offering the opportunity for workers to earn an online degree if they clock at least 20 hours a week at the coffee shop.

"Most of the company's employees are eligible and they do not have to remain at Starbucks after getting their degree." (Via WAAY)

And in a promotional video for the program, Starbucks highlighted some of its employees who could take advantage of it, here's one:

"I always had the plan of 'oh, I'm going to graduate college ... because, you know, life happened. Yeah, I  mean, it's hard sometimes.'"

"We can't be a bystander, and we can't wait for Washington."

The College Achievement Plan will allow people to chose from more than 40 undergraduate programs. 

KPNX reports, "For online students, ASU undergraduate tuition ranges from $480 to $543 per credit hour, regardless of residency status, with no additional program fees. Students enrolled in 12 credit hours are considered full time."

The program also extends to any company-operated store, so this also includes Teavana, La Boulange, Evolution Fresh and Seattle's Best Coffee.